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Updated 25-May-2023

HOP FORWARD (4oz beakers $3)

1. RW Syndicate Belgian IPA - 7.3% ABV - 11.3oz $6 Ⓥ

Belgian IPA w/ yeast from the Ardennes, moderate bitterness, dry hopped at 3lb/bbl with Citra and Amarillo. Collaboration with Lakefront, Company, Black Husky, and Gathering Place.

3. DDH Fluffy Logic Bergamot - 6.3% ABV - 16oz $8 Ⓥ

DDH Hazy IPA heavily dry hopped with Citra and Great Lakes grown Bergamot hops, also nicknamed "Orange A.F." by the first breweries to get their hands on it.

4. Particle Smasher - 6.7% ABV - 14oz $8

Citra hops dominate this DDH Hazy IPA, which also makes use of a liquid flowable hop in the whirlpool (Incognito) and in the dry hop (spectrum). Super saturated citrus-orange flavors.

8. Hoptical Collusion - 7.7% ABV - 14oz $8 Ⓥ

DDH Hazy Double IPA. A fresh batch we basically remade since it was so good at our one year anniversary party. Nelson Sauvin, Citra, Citra Cryo, and Idaho 7 hops combine for a very intense fruity-hop forward flavor without the bitterness. The addition of Phantasm in the whirlpool boost thiols for even more flavors.

Lagrange Points - 7.0% ABV - 16oz Can $7

West coast IPA. Clear, crisp, and moderate bitterness balanced by refreshing fruitiness from Citra, Simcoe, Amarillo, and Michigan grown Centennial and Chinook hops (citrus, pine, and pineapple).


5. CZ Loral Turbulent Flow - 5.6% ABV - 16oz $7

Unfiltered Czech Pilsner lager with a subtle whirpool and cold side addition of Loral hops.

6. Eye of the Beerholder - 7.1% ABV - 16oz $8

Citrus infused Maibock with European malt, Czech lager yeast, sweet orange peel, and Mandarina Bavaria hops. Huge sweet malt flavor and aroma with hints of orange. Collaboration with Garth's Brew Bar in Madison, WI.

9. Leavitt Law - 5.3% ABV - 16oz $7

Czech style amber lager made with carabohemian and Barke Vienna malt, centennial hops.

SANS HYPE (4oz beakers $3)

10. Porch Bombs - 7.3% ABV - 16oz $7 Ⓥ

Bavarian Weizenbock with heavy notes of banana and clove and lemondrop hops, inspired by Weihenstephaner Vitus but with an Amorphic twist.

12. Tropic Vanilla - 7.0% ABV - 11oz $6

“Spring” porter made with double roasted crystal, chocolate wheat, and carabohemian malt, loaded with Madagascar Vanilla and coconut toasted until it tastes like toffee. Vegan, contains no lactose.

Kibbetron - 5.9% ABV - 16oz Can $6 Ⓥ

Bavarian dark wheat beer with flavors of clove, banana, and chocolate. Flavors of winter, hints of spring!

SAISON, SOUR, AND SELTZER (4oz beakers $3)

2. Super Soft Party - 7.7% ABV - 14oz $8 Ⓥ

Overfruited mixed fermentation kettle sour loaded with mango and blood orange puree. Super soft mouthfeel, and tastes and looks like a beautiful tropical cocktail.

Let's Get At 'Er - 6.3% ABV - 16oz Can $7

Overfruited Dark Cherry/Key Lime mixed fermentation kettle sour. Sorta like a sonic cherry lime soda, except with real fruit!

11. Saturn Cinco - 8% ABV - 14oz $7 GF/Ⓥ

One and a half hard seltzer made with pineapple and cherry puree. Vegan and Gluten Free.


FOUR PACK 16OZ CANS (all Ⓥ unless noted)

DDH Fluffy Logic Bergamot - DDH Hazy IPA - 6.3% ABV $16

Particle Smasher - DDH Hazy IPA w/dry and flowable Citra hops - 6.7% ABV $18

Lagrange Points - West Coast IPA (gluten reduced) - 7.0% ABV $16

Eye of the Beerholder - Citrus infused Maibock - 7.1% ABV $16

Let's Get At 'Er - Cherry/Lime Kettle Sour - 6.3% $18

CZ Loral Turbulent Flow - Czech Pilsner w/ Loral hops - 5.6% ABV $16

Kibbetron Dark Wheat - Bavarian Dunkelweizen - 5.9% $15

Hoptical Collusion - DDH Hazy Double IPA w/ Citra Cryo/Nelson Sauvin/Phantasm - 7.7% $20

Porch Bombs - Bavarian Weizenbock w/ lemondrop hops - 7.3% $16


Saturn Cinco - Hard Seltzer with Pineapple and Cherry - 8% ABV $12 GF/

Super Soft Party - Mango/Blood Orange Kettle Sour - 7.7% ABV $12

RBS Belgian IPA Colab - Belgian IPA - 7.3% ABV $14



Rotating N/A Beer from Untitled Art - $5

100% Juice Boxes - $1

Sprecher Sodas - $3

Noon Whistle Hop Water - $5

Forage Kombucha (Madison, WI) - $5

Sparking H2O - $3


Cranky Al's 12" Pizza: Cheese, Sausage+Pep, Sausage+Shrooms+Onion, Buffalo Chicken, Spinach Ricotta - $10

Lush Gourmet Popcorn assorted flavors - $5

Slide Gourmet Potato Chips assorted flavors - $5

Fancy Flavored Jane's Pretzels - $3


Trucker/Flatbill/Flexfit Cap - $20

Logo Sleeve Hoodie - $35

Amorphic Logo Glassware - $8

Amorphic Hand Branded Coaster - $10

Amorphic/Urban Craftsman branded Can+Bottle opener - $15

Up-cycled grain bag shopping bags - $15

Hockey Jerseys (various numbers and sizes) - $70


CZ Amber Lager, Fluffy Riwaka, Hydra DIPA, Sentient IPA 3.0, Dark and Stormy, Hendrix and Cuke