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Updated 21-May-2022


Hoppy STUFF (4oz beakers $3)

01. Schrödinger Paradox - 8.0% ABV - 14oz $8 Ⓥ

It's back with a fresh batch! Double dry hopped hazy IPA featuring Citra and Strata hops. Loaded with flavors of grapefruit, cannabis, and passion fruit.

02. Lagrange Orbit - 7.5% ABV - 16oz $7

Lagrange Orbit is the second in our west coast IPA series. This version packs a double punch and employs hopping techniques stolen from Hazy IPAs (i.e. double dry hopping), but applied in a way that keeps this beer semi-transparent. A slight maltiness balances out the bite. Just like Lagrange Points, this one is also gluten reduced (if you don't care you won't be able to tell, we promise)!

03. DDH Fluffy Logic - 6.3% ABV - 16oz $7

Approachable double dry hopped hazy IPA with the juicy combination of Citra, Mosaic, and El Dorado hops with honey malt.

06. Hypothetical Terrior - 9.5% ABV - 14oz $7 Ⓥ

This beer began life as a fruity IPA with Nelson Sauvin and Hallertau Blanc hops. A few days into the fermentation, a “killer” wine yeast was added along with Sauvignon Blanc grape must. The result is a beer that has intense aromas and flavors of white wine, with no doubt you are still drinking an IPA.

07. Dumbbell Indemnity - 7.5% ABV - 14oz $8

This beer starts with a hot side addition of Columbus and Idaho 7 for juicy tangerine flavors and is finished with a heavy double dry hopping of Riwaka and Nelson-Sauvin. Since that wasn't enough, we also used phantasm.nz at various points in the brewing process to boost the thiols in this beer further. This gives it an even bigger and brighter tropical nose!

Lagrange Points - 6.8% ABV - 16oz Tallboy $4

Our interpretation of a West Coast IPA with Citra, Chinook, Amarillo, and Simcoe hops. Fifteen years ago this was just called “IPA”, but now it stands alone. Slight bitterness to remind you of the old days, citrus and pine with very light malt, pure hop aroma. Gluten reduced.

Fluffy GEM - 6.3% ABV - 16oz Tallboy $7 Ⓥ

Hazy IPA made with honey malt Citra, Mosaic, and a heavy double dry hopped dose of Idaho Gem hops on the cold side for a citrus-cherry blast.


05. Orloj Bohemian Pils - 5.4% ABV - $6 Ⓥ

Czech Pilsner with floor malted two row barley from the Czech Republic, and yeast from the famous Plzeň brewery. Beer flavored beer! The most un-amorphic beer ever made at Amorphic.

04. Law of Averages - 5.2% ABV - $6 Ⓥ

Almost a Vienna style amber lager, except made with two kinds of special rye malt for a full spicy malt character. Ever so slightly cold temperature dry hopped with Cascade.

Turbulent Flow - 5.7% ABV - 16oz Tallboy $4

Pilsner malt and Citra hops give this Czech yeast fermented easy drinking beer notes of bread and fruit.

fruity, sweet, sour, ETC (4oz beakers $3)

08. How Are Ya Not So Bad? - 6.2% ABV - 14oz $7

Mixed fermentation kettle sour loaded with over 70lb/bbl of blackberries and key limes. Blackberry-lime margarita on the beach, sans beach.

09. The Horse You Rode Out On - 7.7% ABV - 14oz $8

Neon Pink mixed fermentation sour with hibiscus flowers and loads of cactus fruit. Flavors of the desert southwest in a Midwestern beer.

10. Tranquillity Base - 6.0% ABV - 16oz $7 Ⓥ

Bière Blanche/Belgian Wit with a subtle dose sweet orange peel and NZ Pacifica hops. Make it a Beermosa with OJ on Sundays!

12. That’s What I Appreciates - 7.8% ABV - 14oz $7 Ⓥ

Mixed fermentation kettle sour with Colombian mango and strawberry for days.

Porch Drops - 6.0% ABV - 16oz Tallboy $6 Ⓥ

Bavarian Hefeweizen cold fermented and mashed for flavors of clove, cautiously dry hopped with Great Lakes Grown Mackinac hops.

SELTZER (4oz beakers $3)

11. Untitled Art Florida Seltzer - Navel Orange Yuzu - 5.0% ABV - 16oz $7

Excellent guest seltzer. Gluten Free.



Dumbbell Indemnity - Riwaka/Nelson/Phantasm DDH IPA - 7.5% - $20

Fluffy GEM - Idaho GEM DDH IPA - 6.3% - $16

Hypothetical Terrior - Sauvingnon Blanc IPA - 9.5% - $18

Porch Drops - Hopfenweizen with great lakes grown hops - 6.0% - $16 Ⓥ

Lagrange Points - Easy drinking West Coast IPA - 6.8% - $16

Cosmic Logic - Approachable IPA w/ sweet malt, thiol boosting yeast, mash hops, and Citra/Mosaic/El Dorado - 6.3% ABV - $16

Turbulent Flow - Citra dry hopped Cz pils - 5.7% ABV - $13

Tranquility Base - Belgian Witbier - 6.0% ABV - $15

Schrödinger Paradox - Strata/Citra DDH Hazy IPA - 8.0% ABV - $18


How Are Ya Not So Bad - Blackberry Key Lime Mixed ferm sour - 6.2% $12

That's what I Appreciates - Mango/Strawberry mixed ferm sour - 7.8% $12

Orloj Bohemian Pils - Cz style Bohemian Pils - 5.4% - $11

Law of Averages - Vienna Lager with Rye - 5.2% - $11

The Horse You Rode Out On - Cactus Fruit and Hibiscus Sour - 7.7% $13



100% Juice Boxes - $1

Sprecher Sodas - $3

Forage Booch (Madison, WI) - $5

San Pellegrino Sparking H2O - $3


Lush Gourmet Popcorn assorted flavors - $5

Fancy Flavored Pretzels - $3

Klements Snack Sticks - $2


Trucker Cap - $20

Winter Beanie - $17

OG T-Shirts - $18

Logo Sleeve Hoodie - $35

Amorphic Logo Glassware - $8

Amorphic Hand Branded Coaster - $10

Up-cycled grain bag shopping bags - $10


Feijoa (Brazil mountain guava) + Strata + Enigma Fruited Brazillian DDH IPA - 7.5% ABV

Lutra Fermented Cucumber psuedo-Kolsch w/ botanicals, lemon, sea salt - 5.5% ABV

Double Fruited "The Horse You Rode in On" - Cactus Fruit/Hibscus Sour - 7.5% ABV

Piña Pils - Fruited North German Lager with Pineapple - 5.5% ABV

Vic Secret/Bru-1/Citra DDH IPA - 7.5% ABV

Motueka/Mosaic Cryo DDH IPA - 7.5% ABV

Lithuanian Saison - 7% ABV