Beer without shape, engineered through scientific experimentation.

Updated 02-Mar-2024

HOP FORWARD (4oz beakers $3/*$5)

1. Zebra Hop IPA - 7.0% ABV - 16oz $8

Brewed as part of the Rare Disease Research funding effort spearheaded by Component Brewing using rare ingredients and processes. Our variant uses Strata, Citra, and Amarillo CGX (cryo) hops combined with habanero chiles roasted in a specific way to highlight intense citrus flavors while minimizing heat. Expect a little bit of chile heat in the finish, but mostly bright citrus flavors all day.

2. Lagrange Points - 7.0% ABV - 16oz $7

West Coast IPA that pours golden clear with a slightly bitter finish. Hydra (citrus), MI Chinook (pineapple), MI Copper (fruity pebbles), and Citra (passion fruit) make this juicy citrus fun from back in the day.

3. This Is My Serious Face - 8.0% ABV - 14oz $8

Hazy DIPA with some of the best hop lots we could source. 2023 Freestyle Motueka and an amazing lot of Mosaic Cryo give this one notes of dank citrus and blueberries. Winner of the People's Choice award at 2023 Wisconsin IPA fest.

4. DDH Fluffy Logic Nectalani - 6.3% ABV - 16oz $8

We took our two favorite hop lots from 2023 and put them in one beer to kick off 2024! 2022 Nectaron (citrus/nectarine) and Elani (formerly called YQH-1320, citrus/papaya) saturate this one with tropical and citrus flavors with a crayon yellow haze for daze. 

7. Windows Cut Deep - 7.0% ABV - 14oz $8

Collab brewed at our friends at G5 Brew Co in Beloit, WI. We started with a ridiculously wheat base, then hit it with Riwaka, Riwaka Cryo, and Citra, along with a unique yeast blend to generate tropical flavors!

11. Yesterday is Tomorrow - 6.0% ABV - 14oz $7 Ⓥ

A thought experiment on what would happen if the brewers at a famous Plzeň brewery were asked to make a modern American style IPA with only the ingredients around them. Bohemian malt, Czech lager yeast fermented warm, Riwaka (daughter of Saaz), and Styrian Dragon (berry, citrus) hops. Expect old world malt flavors to blend with modern fruit forward hops with a lineage to Bohemia.

MOSTLY CZECH LAGERS (4oz beakers $3)

9. Quadratic Explanation - 5.4% ABV - 16oz $7

Warm fermented Czech Pilsner rested on top of whole bean coffee. Strong coffee aromas, pleasant blend of honey, malt, and coffee in the taste.

10. CZ Turbulent Flow Copper - 5.5% ABV - 16oz $7 Ⓥ

Czech style Pilsner with MI Copper hops w/ subtle fruity pebble notes to pair with the Bohemian floor malted barley and Czech yeast.

Weakly Interacting Minor Particles - 5.5% ABV - 16oz Can $7 Ⓥ

Czech inspired dark lager w/ Czech malt, Czech yeast, double roasted crystal, and roasted malts.

WTF? (4oz beakers $3/5*)

8. Kibbetron - 6.0% ABV - 16oz $7

Bavarian dark wheat beer with flavors of banana, dark chocolate, and clove with a tart finish. One of our favorite winter styles that doesn't get enough love.

12. 2023 Bourbon Barrel Aged Toasted Coconut Major Particles - 12.2% ABV - 11oz $8* Ⓥ

Imperial Stout aged for up to two years in Heaven Hill barrels, then rested on top of a crap-ton of toasted coconut prior to packaging.

SOUR + SAISON + SELTZER (4oz beakers $3)

5. Wish You Weren't So Awkward - 14oz $8

Fruited sour with Pineapple and Passion Fruit to remind you of warmer days. Not a smoothie, not thick, just right, bud.

6. Odysseus Moon - 14oz $7

Hard seltzer with real blueberry, pomegranate, and a hint of mint. Not unlike a blueberry/pom mojito. Gluten Free.

Untitled Art Strawberry Kiwi Hard Seltzer - 5.0% ABV 12oz can $6 GF/

A pretty good guest seltzer if ours ain't your thang!

Brett Saison Series Variant 2 - 8.2% ABV - 500 ml bottle $11

This batch spent two weeks in stainless steel, fermented with a unique floral yeast isolated from a small brewery in Oregon. Then it spent 7 months in French Pinot Noir barrels with 5 more strains of Brettanomyces (wild yeast). We then bottle conditioned it with yeast from a small brewery in Northern France. Notes of peaches, white pepper, pineapple, and citrus all over with a mild tartness, and a ton of funk.


FOUR PACK 16OZ CANS (all Ⓥ unless noted)

Zebra Hop IPA - Strata/Citra/Amarillo CGX/Habanero DDH Hazy IPA - 7.0% $18

Windows Cut Deep - Collab w/ G5 Riwaka Cryo/Citra Hazy IPA - 7.0% $18

Yesterday is Tomorrow - Czech IPL w/ Riwaka+Styrian Dragon - 6.0% $17

Quadratic Explanation - Warm fermented CZ Pils w/ coffee - 5.4% $16

DDH Fluffy Logic Nectalani - Hazy IPA w/Nectaron & YQH-1320 hops - 6.3% ABV $16

CZ Turbulent Flow Copper - Czech Pils w/ MI Copper - 5.5% ABV $16

Wish You Weren't So Awkward - Pineapple & passion fruit sour - 7.5% ABV $18

Lagrange Points - West Coast IPA - 7.0% ABV $16

Kibbetron - Bavarian Dark Wheat - 6.0% ABV $16

Brett Saison Variant 2 - 8.2% 500ml bottle $11


Odysseus Moon - Hard seltzer w/ Blueberry, Pomegranate, and mint - 6.5%ABV $15 GF/Ⓥ



Rotating N/A Beer from Untitled Art - $5

100% Juice Boxes - $1

Sprecher Sodas - $3

Noon Whistle Hop Water - $4

Forage Kombucha (Madison, WI) - $5

Sparking H2O - $3


Lush Gourmet Popcorn assorted flavors - $5

Slide Gourmet Potato Chips assorted flavors - $5

Fancy Flavored Jane's Pretzels & Popcorn - $3


Trucker/Flatbill/Flexfit Cap - $25

Knit Beanie - $17

Logo Sleeve Fleece Vintage Soft Hoodie - $40

Amorphic Logo Glassware - $8

Amorphic Hand Branded Coaster - $10

Comfort Colors T-Shirts - $20

Hockey Jerseys (various numbers and sizes) - $70